Meet our Physio:

Bernard McGowan B Phty, GD Phty

Bernard McGowan Physiotherapy is an outpatient based clinic where no referrals are needed. Bernard, our physiotherapist (PT) is fully registered in Queensland and has undertaken specific training and postgraduate qualifications.

Bernard has extensive experience since graduation in Brisbane in 1983. Work places have included Hobart, country Queensland, Scotland, Brisbane and Toowoomba of course for the last 25 years. A year of study in Adelaide helped give a broader knowledge base and better techniques.

Professional influences have included Maitland, Janda, Mulligan, McKenzie and Sahrmann all of whom Bernard has attended their courses and been inspired by their ideas and enthusiasm. These people as gurus of physiotherapy give a great foundation in manual and exercise therapy. More recent influences include teachers of the KLT approach (Kinetic Link Training- maybe think Pilates with weights with a specific and systematic assessment and progressions), dry needling, Pilates, trigger point release and others, as well as current research findings. An increased interest in the disability sector is also developing.

Outside interests include running, Italian language study, family and at times watching rugby.

Physiotherapy is a therapy that always strives to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functionality, using a range of conservative treatment methods.


Conservative treatment methods may include:

  • Electrotherapy (Interferential, Ultra sound, Laser, TENS) 
  • Massage (massages of the area treated) soft tissue, transverse friction, trigger points, BGM
  • Dry needling
  • Taping
  • Manual therapy,
  • Manipulative therapy
  • Strengthening methods
    i.e. like Pilates (most commonly known), PNF, Bruegger, Schroth, Swiss ball, wobble board, Biofeedback machine (shows how much a muscle is working)
  • Education of the patient
  • Posture correction
  • Education of lifting techniques
  • Fitting of orthotics or braces

In most cases patients will be given some home exercises and instructions to speed the recovery time.

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