Bernard McGowan

Bernard McGowan B Phty, GD Phty Physiotherapist


Bernard McGowan has had extensive clinical experience since graduation (B Phty) in Brisbane in 1983. Places of work have included Hobart, country Queensland, Scotland, Brisbane, and of course Toowoomba. A post graduate course on advanced physiotherapy in the area of orthopaedics (GD Phty) was completed in Adelaide in 1993 followed by a move from the public to the private system. Manual therapy, exercise physiology and prescription and the study of pain were some of the high lights of that year. Knee research on ACL injuries was undertaken with emphasis on the best post operative management.


 Various professional influences have developed with study and practice. McKenzie approach is very helpful. Mulligan techniques are a favourite manual therapy tool with their quick and long lasting results in the right application. Dry needling or Western style acupuncture is good help with muscle spasm and tightness. A sports medicine approach of specific assessment, precise exercises and graduated training levels are a major influence. Other approaches, schools of thought and current research are professional influences. Curiosity, persistence in achieving goals and a positive outlook is also part of the professional mix.


Bernard has interests including touch footy, running, Italian and gardening.  For TV or live sport rugby is the favourite.


Professional interests are include sports, orthopaedics, pain and osteoarthritis, the older person and the older athlete, and the injured worker. The favourite joints include the back and hip. More recent studies have included dry needling, exercise prescription, diabetes, vertigo, knee pain, and Pilates. Taping is found to be helpful with the comment " It is amazing what a bit of tape will do" heard often enough.


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