Who is Sabine Kehoe?

Sabine Kehoe Dip Mdt MAPA Physiotherapist McKenzie Practitioner


Sabine completed her studies for Physiotherapy at the Krankengymnastik Schule in Bueckeburg in 1986. After one further year of clinical work experience at the University Clinic of Luebeck Sabine graduated 1987 as a fully registered Physiotherapist in Germany.

Nov 1988 Sabine immigrated to Australia and registered as a fully qualified physiotherapist in Australia in 1989. She worked in VIC and QLD in private practice, hospital and rehabilitation.  Her interest in McKenzie's spinal diagnostic and treatment principle was awakened by another Physiotherapist. 

Ever since Sabine has focused her studies on the pain and disorders originating from the Spine (including shoulders and hips).

1995 she completed her McKenzie (mechanical diagnosis and treatment of the cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine) Certificate.

1996 Sabine studied at the McKenzie Institute in USA / Minneapolis and accomplished the McKenzie Diploma after months of intensive study.

Nov 1996, with the completion of her post graduate Diploma in McKenzie (mdt.) in she returned back home to Australia, Toowoomba where she opened her practice "Parkside Physiotherapy Centre". She is now well known and highly regarded as a physiotherapist in this region of Queensland.

As a Physiotherapist she has gathered "A Round the World" ( Germany, USA, Australia) experience. Having studied and graduated in Germany, Sabine has the advantage of having learned many treatment principles - some of which are still regarded as exotic here, such as:  Dry Needling, Pilates, Brunkow, Bruegger, Schroth, Klappsches Kriechen, BGM, Klein Vogelbach, PNF as well as having insights into Voyta, Bobath and manual therapy.

Studies since include several McKenzie Courses in Australia and New Orleans. Sabine completed her credential McKenzie Certificate in 1996. Other courses included Whiplash injury management and Mark Laslet's Upper limb courses as well as others.

2010 and Sabine undertook the "Introductory Course of Dry Needling" and the "Advanced Dry needling Course" of the Cervical spine, Head region, TMJ & Upper limb certificates of the musculoscetal system held at Griffith University.

To date Sabine continues her education and is still one of only two post grad dip. Mdt. McKenzie Physiotherapists in Queensland. Patients come from afar to seek these highly regarded diagnostic and self treatment principles.

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