Are you in Pain?

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The Kick start to get you back on track to your normal well-being.

10 x Physio visits will surely give you the best and fastest way of getting your muscle strength, mobility and confidence back.

after severe injury

after operations

A structured program encourages participation and can produce great results.


Acute Pain

Physiotherapy is most effective when treatment commences soon after the episode occurs. Treatment can help relieve pain and treat the underlying causes. Generally speaking the sooner, the better before secondary changes set in. Good management means less pain and better function. 


 Recurring Pain

Don't wait, come and see us! The sooner, the less the reinjury. Usually a management and maintenance plan will help to minimise the chance of recurrence. Don't just hope for the best, work to make it happen. Our clinical pilates program for example may be just the thing to get you performing well again. Get to the root of the problem to overcome it.


Chronic Pain

Physiotherapy helps manage chronic pain. Pain behaviour and coping with the pain varies with the individual and so an individual program is developed. A good recovery may be achieved with our Physio's.

Unfortunately there are long term unremitting pain syndromes, with severe disability and dysfunction. Depending on the condition and a range of other factors, if complete cure is not possible and the goal then becomes the best possible management. We can help guide you with this.

A team approach with patient, doctor, physiotherapist, specialist and others may be required. In some situations your GP may be able to arrange a Medicare funded program. For this you would need to consult your doctor directly. As a private patient you can come straight to Physiotherapy.

Your goals can be achieved through assessment, treatment and empowerment.

Treatment tools include physical activity prescription, strategies like pacing and distraction techniques, and therapies such as; myofascial release, TENS machines, interferential therapy, mirror box, laser therapy or dry needling.


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