Ankle Pain


Ankle sprains are common and undertreated. Someone who would help for any other injury will hobble and limp around on the sprained ankle and say “It’s only a sprain”. Don’t do that. The best approach is to get the ankle assessed and treated early to minimize pain, regain early and complete function and so avoid compensatory problems and recurrences.

An outline of treatment includes the following:

Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation

  • Appropriate walking aid if required
  • Taping
  • Exercises for  - Range of motion, strengthening,  Balance Skills,  specific activities

Gait correction to regain an ideal pattern is often required. Range of motion should be regained fully to minimize recurrences. Strengthening of the outside leg muscles, the peronei, is essential for best results.  Balance work can make all the difference to full confidence and return to activities. Skill specific activities for sport may include tasks like sprinting, change of pace, swerving and cutting, shuttle runs or hopping drills.


For best results seek treatment early.





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