Elbow Pain


Tennis elbow? Golferís elbow? Sports with racquets and clubs put strain on the elbow and strains can result. These are common conditions that occur around the elbow which apart from sport are aggravated by computing, gardening or occupational activities. The medical name is epicondylitis for these conditions, with tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) on the outside of the elbow, and golferís elbow (medial epicondylitis) felt on the inside. Other conditions such as referred pain from the neck can also cause elbow pain so proper diagnosis precedes treatment.


The person with these conditions can find a persistent ache and occasional sharp pains. So favourite activities are causing pain and this can persist for months. Physiotherapy is the first choice option for management of the condition.


Research has shown an exercise program (eccentric exercises is their correct name!) to be helpful over a 6 week period. Research has shown steroid injection to help in the short term but to be worse in the long term. Research has shown other physiotherapy techniques including mobilization with movement to be helpful.

Tennis elbow bands are often very helpful. Technique for sport or recreation can cause strain and this may be essential for recovery and continued sport. Wrist position, shoulder stability or even core stability may be required to get the sporting result.


To get on track at sport or home have an individual physiotherapy assessment.

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