Headaches can be helped by physiotherapy. Pain can be caused by many things so your physiotherapist will check if you should be referred onto your doctor or if your condition is suitable for physiotherapy.

Mechanical problems, muscle or joint problems or jaw problems (TMJ) can all cause headaches. Physiotherapy can be the best treatment for these conditions. Treatment may include hands on treatment with massage and mobilisation, stretches, trigger point releases, dry needling and exercises. Your physiotherapist will assess your condition and provide appropriate management.

Migraine headaches are very often misdiagnosed and can just seem to be migraines. Often physiotherapy can help to lessen or at least control the worst headaches. Results can usually be seen very quickly.

Defects in the cervical spine (neck) can also instigate headaches. In this case the brain misinterprets the pain in the neck as a headache.

Posture plays a big factor in headaches. Nowadays we spend much more time sitting: in the car or in front of a computer, eating at a table or watching television. We often find that people sit in excess of 3/4 of a normal day and this with a very poor posture. Slouching results in hyperextension of the upper cervical spine and hyper flexion of the lower cervical spine. This will cause stress to the muscles as well as to the joints in the neck.


McKenzie trained Physio's have undertaken special training in dealing with headaches as well as with cervical spines.

Physios at Parkside Physiotherapy are highly qualified in assessing and treating your headaches.

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