Knee Pain


The knee is a complex joint. It consists of soft tissue and a number of bones, which all can cause pain. 

Diagnosing Knee pain

Physios will consider the history and onset of pain, will assess knee hip foot alignment, measure range of movement and make a gait assessment. There are a number of tests to differentiate where the pain is actually coming from. Physiotherapists are highly trained in diagnosing and treating knee injuries. They also communicate with your doctor or surgeon if the need occurs.  

Once a diagnosis is made, treatment will begin.   

Common Knee Problems



Patellofemoral mal alignment

  • fracture
  • dislocation
  • Osdgood Schlatter
  • Arthritis

Collateral ligament

  • medial (MCL)
  • lateral (LCL)

Cruciate ligament

  • anterior (ACL)
  • posterior (PCL)


  • medial
  • lateral



Post operation






Total hip replacement

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