Neck Pain


Neck pain is common and troublesome. For some conditions the person can be disabled by the pain. Various conditions such as arthritis and whiplash affect the neck. Activities such as sleeping, computer work, reversing the car or cleaning above the head can bring on the neck pain.


What can physiotherapy offer the person with neck pain?


1.     Diagnosis - what is wrong? The diagnosis includes which part is affected, what type of process is going on and what are the underlying mechanical causes. An example could be the C2/3 facet joint impingement with poor posture at the computer contributing to the problem.

2.     Treatment plan - what can we do about it? Typically treatment involves postural correction, toning and stretching exercises, hands on treatment and taping. The treatment approach depends on the condition and the needs and skills of the patient. Goals and treatment plans are developed by the therapist and the patient. Hands on treatment with home exercises and improved office ergonomics may be part of the treatment plan.

3.     Prognosis - How long will it take to get better? The prognosis is discussed in the initial consultation and modified if required on subsequent visits. This aids optimal return to work or sport. In general terms neck conditions settle more quickly and allow earlier return to activity than back conditions.

4.     Prevention - How do I stop this condition recurring? One aspect is to get completely better after the initial injury. If you accept a 80% recovery when a 100% recovery was possible there is a greater chance of re injury. So work toward as complete a recovery as possible, control the contributing factors, continue the home program and return if required for review. Some home stretches and life style adjustment may be all required to prevent further episodes of neck pain.

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