Thoracic Spine Pain


Rib pain? Pain between the shoulder blades? Thoracic spine problems can present in this way. So what is the thoracic spine? Basically it is the 12 vertebrae that have the ribs attached to them. Normally this area functions without complaint allowing breathing, protection of the heart and support for the neck, head and shoulders. However stiffness is this area can result in neck pain or contribute to low back pain.


The ribs and muscles can produce soreness and may mimic the pain of a heart attack. If you have this, see your doctor or get to emergency or ring 000 first.  When cardiac problems are ruled out, then we are happy to treat any musculoskeletal problem. Treatment options include mobilisations, massage, trigger point therapy, exercises, mobilisation with movement, ergonomic advice for home and work and supportive tape. Postural correction, which can include the use of products such as the McKenzie Lumbar Roll, may be essential for quick recovery and prevention of recurrence.


Occasionally conditions such as costochondritis need specific assessment and treatment. Rib fractures or lung conditions can benefit from physiotherapy, and the patient requires individual assessment to produce optimal management.

So for musculoskeletal thoracic pain, we are happy to see you.

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