Dry Needling


In dry needling, acupuncture needles are used to decrease musculoskeletal pain and tension.

Dry needling is used in a very wide range of injuries and pain.

For a long time the traditional Chinese acupuncture was not widely respected in the westernized medicine. It was not understood how and why it worked. Within the last 2 decades more and more research was done and proof has been found to see what chemical and mechanical changes happen, when needles are inserted into a certain tissue. Out of this research the new therapy "Dry Needling" developed.

In order to dry needle, a qualified Physiotherapist has to undergo postgraduate training and certification.

With the patients consent, dry needling can be used as a treatment in itself, or be part of the normally conservative treatment.

Sabine Kehoe has undergone specific studies for dry needling and is practising it regularly at Parkside Physiotherapy Centre.

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